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Our working method

Keyword Result has been developed into a full service SEM office in the field of paid advertisements (paid listing) on Google and Overture.

An indication of the possibilities:
  • For the target group the keywords are stipulated.
  • We ensure the correct configuration of your Google and/or Overture account.
  • Strategy stipulates (e.g. CPS or ROI)
  • Tracking implementation to measure effective visitor clicks to conversions.
  • We will monitor your account daily and make improvements if necessary.
  • Depending on the campaign, we offer you a full range of reporting capabilities. Cost, turnover, conversions, keyword success, average clicks, and a whole lot more are available in our reports.

Our network range:

With Keyword Result you aim your advertisements at people who are actively in search of your products and services. This means that you reach the correct visitors and customers. With CPC (costs by click) you only have to pay when your ad is clicked. Moreover it is simple manage the costs. With Keyword Result you produce your own advertisements; your keywords are the main words for your advertisements. It will only cost you when someone clicks on the advertisement. We cooperate with networks like Overture and Google.

We have worldwide a range of 62%. In the Netherlands is this range 73%.

Purchasing keywords can be difficult and at times extremely costly. Companies need to be careful in spending their budget wisely to get the maximum return possible. Working with Keyword Result will provide enormous advantages no matter how small of a budget you have.
The advantages in short

  • Simple signup and set-up
  • Only pay for results
  • Reliable advanced measurings
  • Online and realtime statistics.
  • No Cure no Pay
  • Automatic turnover optimization
  • Tailored advertisement programs
  • Detailed online reports
  • Very reliable network
  • Online helpdesk


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